Small Business Can’t Sacrifice Cybersecurity

For small businesses, it can be tempting to postpone cybersecurity efforts. There are many common excuses: “There’s so much to do,” “There’s not enough budget,” “Our business is too small to target,” etc. But right now, cybersecurity is a must-have for every business. Think of it like business insurance. You don’t intend to get sued […]

How to Care for an External Hard Drive

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Unsure of how to care for an External Hard Drive ? At IT Care & Repair  we obtain more jobs than we would like from customers desperately requiring data recovery from their non-functioning external hard drive. So many people believe that simply connecting and backing up on a portable hard drive is the complete solution […]

Screen Time for Kids and Digital Technology

Digital Technology and Screen Time for Kids Should parents limit children’s daily use of digital technology – computers, laptops, TV? The Department of Health screen time recommendations limit the amount of screen time for kids based on the age range of the child. No more than 1 hour a day for children aged 2 to

Is The Computer Repair Industry Growing or Declining?

The Computer Repair Industry As a very busy and successful computer repair business in Brisbane this is a question that is obviously of great importance to us. Will the market for our business decline in the way that many other businesses have or are experiencing such as book shops, DVD rental outlets and the sale