Our motto was born before IT Care & Repair began. While working as a Systems Engineer at a computer shop he co-owned in Chestertown, NY, John Murphy recognized a need in his community; local businesses lacked a knowledgeable and trusted IT partner.

In 2017, he bought out his partner and created IT Care & Repair, a full-service MSP specializing in business optimization through applied technologies, cybersecurity and network management.

Our driving force is ensuring businesses have the technology they need, that works the way it’s supposed to, securely.

“We care, so you don’t have to” means you’ll never worry about technology again, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Always Local, Never Outsourced

Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship.
We don't believe foreign entities should have access to your data. That's why you will never see us outsourcing your support to the Bahamas.

You're More Than A Number, To Us.

Most IT Service providers seek the largest businesses, where they can make the most amount of money.
We value building trust and forging long relationships.

Security Over Sales

If your IT service provider has more salespeople than technical experts, you have a problem.
Not all problems can be solved by throwing money at it. Rest assured, we will never sell or recommend you anything you don't need.

Big Fish, Small Pond

The experience and expert skillsets we provide are often only found in the highest levels of corporate USA. We could work anywhere but we chose to lay down our roots here. We take pride in our dedication to our community first

We Are

Local Cyber Defenders

We are the people ensuring your business stays in business. As cyber incident first responders we monitor and alert local businesses to security threats that put their livi-hood at risk. Whether or not they are existing clients.
Our whole team is native to Warren County, NY and from our common roots we share the responsibility to protect the community we love from all cyber threats.
That’s why our motto is at the core of everything we do;
We Care. So You Don’t Have To.

Behind The Monitors

John Murphy

IT Security Specialist

John graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He is founder of AdironHack IT Professional Collective, an organization focused on protecting the upstate NY communities through shared industry best used practices and cyber security intelligence.
As the face of IT Care and Repair, he brings 9 years of experience to the table. His areas of expertise include network security and high compliance environments such as finance, insurance and professional services.

Professional Skills

Technical Aptitude
Ethical Hacking
Systems Administration


Extensive knowledge on security including ransomware and cyber intelligence. Completed 37 projects for corporate entities including Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Gap Brands, Dell, Adidas, Walmart and more.

Affiliate Partners

Cloud Distributor

Compliancy Group

Compliance Authority